Why Choose Auto Technology?

Why turn to Auto Technology for environmental testing services?

Why turn to Auto Technology for environmental testing servicesIn 2009, Auto Technology expanded the square footage at our state-of-the-art facility to accommodate an environmental testing lab, which is equipped by our own leading corrosion testing equipment. This is machinery purchased and used each day to ensure high standards of quality by leading global manufacturers such as Ford, General Electric, Toyota, GM, Kohler, Federal Mogul and Hyundai, among others.

By turning to Auto Technology for contract corrosion testing, manufacturers that lack the capital for an investment in their own machinery receive access to sophisticated environmental testing services performed by industry professionals. We offer competitive prices and our A2LA Accreditation assures customers that their products are being tested by knowledgeable, certified professionals.

Make Auto Technology a trusted partner in environmental testing

Make Auto Technology a trusted partner in environmental testingOur capabilities surpass those of any competing environmental testing lab, with more than 1,200 cubic feet of available testing space and access to testing equipment rarely found outside of OEMs. In addition, our expertise is unmatched, as our executive team is led by a president who chairs industry boards for corrosion standards and specifications.

Auto Technology is also committed to its customers. Our customer loyalty program offers additional savings on our environmental testing services to certain customers. We also emphasize maximum satisfaction in all of our customer interactions, working to meet our clients’ quick deadlines and deliver products and services that meet their high expectations.

Benefit from the Auto Technology Proficiency Testing Program

Benefit from the Auto Technology Proficiency Testing ProgramBusinesses that contract Auto Technology for corrosion testing services can benefit from support for a wide variety of environmental tests, from salt spray tests, salt water immersion and tests for thermal shock, temperature or humidity, conductivity, PH, UV exposure and specific gravity.

We also encourage customers to register for our Proficiency Testing Program, which will test the quality of their own laboratory against results of other accredited facilities. By enrolling in repeat program offerings – Auto Technology provides ongoing programs throughout the year – manufacturers can verify the integrity of their own testing equipment to ensure top quality.

The Proficiency Testing Program is just one of the many ways Auto Technology works alongside clients to ensure maximum product integrity. Whether connecting clients to new equipment, providing them access to our own facility, or aiding in quality assurance testing, Auto Technology is the partner manufacturers need to improve performance.

Testing Cert # 2563.02 Our lab is accredited by A2LA.Scope

Testing Cert # 2563.02 Our lab is accredited by A2LA.Scope

A2LA Accreditation

Unsurpassed capabilities

We have equipment that is rarely found outside of OEMs.

  • We have over 1200 cubic feet of test space available.
  • Our lab has all new state of the art equipment to preform the most advanced Cyclic Corrosion Test like Ford L467, GMW 14872, Honda, Toyota, and Nissan CCT tests that require Mechanical Cooling to meet the stringent requirements of the procedures.
  • Two units capable of Full cabinet Immersion Cycle.
  • ASTM B117, ASTM B368 and ASTM G85 chambers up to 12 feet x 5 feet x 4 feet.
  • Walk ins up to 14 feet by 10 feet.


Anyone can try to build a Corrosion Test Chamber or run test equipment. None of our competition has built their company on the impressive credentials we have. Our President’s resume is the most professionally distinguished in the industry.

  • Current Chairman for the ASTM sub task group for salt fog testing – ASTM B117.
  • Current Chairman for the SAE ACAP (Automotive Corrosion and Prevention) subcommittee.
  • Past Chairman for the Cosmetic Corrosion sub task group for the ASP Corrosion Task Force.
  • United States voting member for the corrosion specifications with ISO.
  • Instructor for a Salt Fog Training Class conducted 3-4 times per year for the past 15 years.
  • Authored and co-authored multiple published technical articles in SAE and international trade journals concerning the corrosion industry.
  • International speaker in the areas of corrosion testing and corrosion equipment manufacturing.
Auto Technology Company is the industries specialist in Corrosion Environmental Testing.