Research & Development Coating Services

Research & Development Coating ServicesAuto Technology is pleased to offer an automotive Research and Development Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment and E-Coating service.

Currently, we are using both Henkel and PPG products; with experience in the following substrates;

  • cold rolled steel
  • galvanized steel, and
  • aluminum

We are able to accommodate custom requests, studies, or trials on industry standard test coupons for R&D purposes.

We can perform contamination studies and after coating we can perform a corrosion and other mechanical testing in our ISO17025, A2LA Accredited Environmental Testing Laboratory.

Titrations Research & Development Coating ServicesA common coating system consists of;

Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment

Auto Technology is capable of a 6 step pre-treatment process:

Step 1 – An alkaline degreasing solution that removes contaminants
Step 2 – Water rinse to remove any solution from the previous step
Step 3 – A Zinc conversion solution to prep for the Zinc phosphate coating
Step 4 – Zinc phosphate coating to improve E-Coating adhesion and uniformity
Step 5 – Water rinse to remove any zinc phosphate
Step 6 – Deionized water rinse to ensure no contaminates enter the E-Coat bath


A liquid paint system and a rectifier are used to E-Coat the substrate followed by curing the coating in a gas oven.


Research & Development Coating Services