CCT Control Options

Computer Control Options

Computer Control OptionsThe controller for all CCT-NC Series Chambers is fully programmable, utilizing an easy-to-use microprocessor-based programmable controller

The Computer Controls Package utilizes a Microsoft based computer to control the chamber. This computer is connected to an I/O (input/output) module to actuate the chamber components.

Auto Technology’s custom designed GUI is the easiest to use in the industry. It offers high security to allow multiple operators access to specific screens to operate, monitor and control aspects of the chamber. This GUI is designed to decrease training time and eliminate user error. Standard industry test specifications are pre-programmed, so the user can begin testing immediately after installation and setup procedures are followed. Standard tests can be modified and custom tests and procedures across multiple parameters can easily be programmed into the controller, providing flexibility, meeting multiple needs, and placing real control into the hands of the user.

Data Logging

Auto Technology’s computer design includes a comprehensive data logging feature that provides the user the ability to monitor all aspects of testing (this blog can go into further detail about data storage and its importance). The position or status of every control function of the cabinet such as cycle time, cycle status, temperature, input status, output status etc., is output to a file for ultimate control, analysis, diagnostics and, most importantly, test documentation. Test reports can be programmed to be almost automatic, in graph and other formats, providing accuracy and documentation that make traditional chart recorders look primitive in comparison. Spreadsheet downloads and graphing provide capabilities that go far beyond the performance of a test, enabling testing and management personnel to integrate information, feedback, and performance into decision-making processes.

Computer Control Options

Deluxe Datalogging Option (701330): This system is ONLY available with the PC Controls

The purpose of this option is to significantly increase the data collection abilities of the chamber. With this option, the following is installed and activated.Computer Control Options

Bubble Tower air flow meter (4 – 20 mA signal)

Bubble tower inlet air pressure transducer (4 – 20 mA signal)

Activation of the display and data logging for the above listed 4 – 20 mA signals

Installation of RTD I/O, and activation of the display and data logging for 4 RTD temperature input signals (RTDs not included)

These features aid in the troubleshooting abilities of the equipment, as well as providing a means to collect more in-depth flow, pressure and temperature data during cyclic testing.

Computer Desktop upgrade Option (700190): This system is ONLY available with the PC Controls

The PC based computer controlled CCT-NC chamber utilizes a notebook computer. Some customers would rather use a standard desktop computer rather than a notebook. With this upgrade package, the notebook computer will be replaced with an IBM compatible desktop computer system featuring:

  • Large 17″ monitor
  • Much faster processor as would be supplied with the notebook computer
  • Larger hard drive for data storage
  • Full size computer keyboard and mouse

NOTE: With this option, it will become the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable location and support set-up to hold this computer since it is not possible to attach it to the CCT-NC chamber. In addition, precautions must be taken to ensure that any corrosive environments that might escape from the CCT-NC chamber cannot get to the computer system and damage it. It must be located within 50 feet of the chamber since this control structure uses a RS232 serial interface for communication.

Modem Option for remote service and troubleshooting(700180):

The purpose of this option is to set the CCT-NC chamber up for remote dial-up access. Included with this package is a pre-programmed modem, patch cord to connect the modem to the chamber controller, and a phone line. Connect the modem to the chamber controller, a dedicated phone line, and a 110-volt power source, and the CCT-NC is ready for remote access. With this, the Auto Technology service or engineering department can call into the CCT-NC and download updated control software, and/or diagnose equipment malfunctions or customer control difficulties. In the case of the PC based controls, the modem is installed into the PC as an internal modem.