Other Corrosion Equipment

Century Series Spray Chamber

The Century Series Spray Chamber is the latest in a series of environmental simulation testing innovations designed to meet a variety of automotive, industry and international test specifications such as GM 9103P, JIS 0203 R1, S1, R2, S2, IEC 68-2-18, IEC 529, and many more…


Immersion Equipment

Auto Technology’s D.I. Water Immersion Tank features Poly Propylene construction, easy lift-off Cover, and a Digital Temperature Controller in a NEMA enclosure…


Mixed Flow Gas Chamber

MFG Chamber is designed for corrosion testing of electrical connectors, PCBs, and any other component that requires exposure to pollutant gasses at high temperature/high humidity.

 Mixed Flow Gas Chamber

Multi-Gas Test Chamber

The Auto Technology Multi-Gas Test Chamber performs moist S02 tests in accordance with DIN 50017 & 50018 and ASTM G87. It delivers state-of-the-art design, bench top flexibility and more…

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