Protecting factory machinery from corrosion

In the last few months, we have discussed several substances and situations that can lead to corrosion in submarines, bridges, automobiles and other products manufacturers assemble every day. But, we have yet to touch on the high-performance machines used to build these items.

Every job needs a specific tool or set of tools in order to be completed. Manufacturing a car is no different. If the industrial machinery used in factories is plagued with corrosion and slowly falls into disrepair, several problems arise. First, equipment of poor quality will never be able to produce top-level products that companies aspire to build. It may be worth checking out special deals from the CKS Global manufacturers. This could help you find more suitable equipment. Secondly, corroded machines can endanger the safety of factory workers and damage components used to build the final products.

This could lead to serious injuries or deaths, costly lawsuits and fines from regulatory bodies like the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

A recent Moneylife article explores the various Shell lubricants that are used in Ferrari factories to help prevent corrosion on cutting tools during the manufacturing of parts for GT and Formula One cars.

“A machine lubricant must allow the machine tool slides to operate to the highest degree of accuracy – one of Ferrari’s prerequisites. In addition to this, the lubricant needs to operate alongside the soluble cutting fluids, which the machines use, without diluting or reducing performance,” the article says. “We developed a product that lubricates the cutting tools while offering good anti-wear performance, thereby reducing downtime for servicing, and good protection against possible corrosion caused by the cutting fluids.”

If just one critical piece of machinery in a factory is compromised due to corrosion, production at the entire facility may be impacted, causing significant financial losses. However, by outsourcing corrosion testing services to ensure that cutting fluids and other factors are not causing accelerated or unexpected degradation, such situations can be avoided.

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