Quartz makes big predictions about the future of 3D printing

It's not a secret that 3D printing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors in the manufacturing and product development industry. The proliferation and spread of this technology has made it possible for even consumers to create their own objects at home—anything from basic items like plates and bowls to more elaborate designs using multiple materials.

In light of this growth, Quartz.com recently made some big predictions about the future of this industry and how it will affect the economy as a whole. Here are some of their more salient points:

  • 3D printing will become even cheaper because of Chinese imports: Several Chinese manufacturers overseas are developing 3D printers that will bring down the price of hobbyist-level machines.
  • Expiring patents on 3D printing technology will lead to a surge in high-quality machines: Several technology patents for higher-grade 3D printing techniques will soon expire, meaning that consumers will be able to get their hands on printers that are far more useful than those currently on the market for hobbyists and amateurs.

Something else to keep in mind that Quartz did not mention is that with higher accessibility to 3D printers, entrepreneurs will have an easier time making their ideas a reality. It's likely there will be thousands of new companies opening up in the next few years who will create new products without making huge investments in research and development.

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