The hidden world of corrosion exposed in journalists’ book titled rust

As a journalist, Jonathon Waldman has witnessed the devastating impact that oil pipeline explosions can have on the community and the environment. By chronicling the issues that America's industries have had with maintaining their infrastructure, Waldman seeks to create a consciousness of these issues in the public's mind. By promoting that awareness, he aims to reshape how industries handle corrosion testing and other preventative maintenance initiatives in order to limit the impact that negligence from these companies can have on innocent lives.

Waldman's work unveils the scary reality behind the maintenance on America's infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers grades the nation at large on how it maintains bridges, railroads, energy, dams and other structures. The latest grade from 2013 gave the nation a harsh reality check. The United States as a whole was given a D .

The brutal reality of this exposure should drive all industries to improve the maintenance standards they apply. By exploring technologies that test environmental conditions that influence corrosion risk, those enterprises can begin to reshape the infrastructure they must maintain for our collective use. However, Waldman notes greater political issues prevent this sea change from occurring.

"We're a capitalist society. We cannot afford for the DOD to be a profit center in the business of corrosion. We have to break this cycle." Waldman said, alluding to the reasons behind our infrastructure's deterioration.

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