Did you know your exhaust pipe can suffer from corrosion damage?

Years ago, most car owners considered it a necessity to replace their car’s exhaust pipes around every five years. Though most modern vehicles are now equipped with aluminized-steel or stainless-steel exhaust systems, this does not mean you are exempt from checking your car for signs of corrosion damage, according to Cars.com.

Like with your vehicle’s undercarriage, road salts can deteriorate your exhaust system over time, so it is wise to wash your car on a regular basis. However, exhaust pipes can also become corroded from the inside out. This occurs when water gets into the fuel system.

Automotive Corner writes that if you do not drive for longer periods of time, doing more short trips instead, your exhaust system will not be able to properly heat up, which leads to the condensation of corrosive liquids, like water, inside your pipe and muffler. This will eat away at the metal, causing extensive corrosion damage.

Even though your exhaust pipe is not something you think of being particularly affected by corrosion, it is still wise to do periodic corrosion checks, along with other areas like the undercarriage or battery, for safe upkeep of your car. The exhaust system also holds the catalytic converter that converts harmful compounds into harmless compounds. For obvious reasons, if this isn’t working properly this can be dangerous. You should replace this immediately if it’s not working efficiently, and you can learn more about recycling the old one here. Clearly, frequent checks need to be made on many aspects of your car. Even if your exhaust pipe isn’t grazing the pavement when you drive because of obvious corrosion damage, does not mean that rust is not affecting your car.

“Because the exhaust system is mostly out of sight, it’s usually out of mind, too, until noise levels rise or parts fall off,” Cars.com writes. “But exhaust parts are subjected to extreme heat and difficult road and environmental conditions that make it unlikely they’ll last a lifetime.”

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