Exxon Mobil fined for February refinery blast

Corrosion is a danger to be acutely aware of, especially in the oil and gas industry. It was recently announced that the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) California division fined Exxon Mobil over $550,000 in proposed penalties and issued 19 citations due to the explosion at their Torrance refinery in February. That blast injured four workers, along with significantly damaging equipment, according to USA Today. There are many accident injury claims brought forward to do with workplace incidents, but examples of this scale are rare.

OSHA issued these fines and citations due to the company ignoring workplace safety regulations and failing to address hazardous conditions. The Los Angeles Times reports that this particular facility has already been investigated twice in the past five years due to other workplace injury incidents. Working in environments like construction or large facilities means that you can be at more risk or injury at work. Making sure that you are covered is very important, researching insurance companies online such as meetbreeze.com can help you out in case you become disabled from an injury at work.

This blast has harkened comparisons to the refinery fire at a Richmond Chevron facility in 2012 that occurred because of a significantly corroded pipe. This corroded pipe began leaking, which resulted in a large workplace fire. Through an OSHA investigation, it was discovered that the company failed to fix or replace the pipe, even when it was suggested to do so. Chevron was issued almost $1 million in proposed fines and 25 citations. People involved in incidents similar to this might want to visit Frekhtman & Associates, or a similar firm, for legal advice pertaining to compensation.

“The explosions have led to proposed changes in the regulation of petroleum refineries,” The Los Angeles Times writes. “The proposals include employee participation reviews of damaged mechanisms and safeguard protection and hazard control analysis, according to Cal/OSHA.”

It is hoped that this incident will encourage more workplaces to take more serious and well-thought-out plans towards safety and hazardous conditions in the workplace. Unfortunately, too many employees, by no fault of their own, are being injured in dangerous workplaces, leading to the need for jacksonville personal injury attorneys to be contacted. This can negatively impact businesses due to negligence to address working conditions.

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