Report: Torrent of corrosion-infused cars for sale, caused by flooding

The use of corrosion test equipment may be in order to detect an extraordinary number of potentially compromised vehicles that have re-entered the used vehicle market, the effects of which are believed to be linked to flooding.

An estimated 478,000 flood-damaged automobiles are either on the roads or being sold, according to a newly released report from Carfax. An increase of nearly 50 percent from 2017, the dramatic uptick in waterlogged vehicles is believed to be linked to last year’s active hurricane season, as Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria pounded portions of the Gulf Coast with drenching amounts of rain that led to flooding. We are all aware of the need for a restoration process for our homes after flooding, which is why we contact someone like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore. However, it appears that this has been forgotten when it comes to cars.

High water levels infiltrated tens of thousands of vehicles’ interiors, leading to corrosion of cars underbellies and damage to their engines. Carfax President Dick Raines warned motorists really need to do their homework before purchasing used vehicles.

“This surge in flood cars … underscores the importance of identifying these waterlogged wrecks before it’s too late,” Raines explained. “Flood cars can resurface no matter where you live, so we urge car buyers and sellers to use the resources available that will best protect them.”

Raines further stated that a great place to start is by running a vehicle history report, a process which should flag whether automobiles have been overrun by water.

It isn’t just corrosion that can result from flooding. Safety experts warn that flood-damaged vehicles can also lead to electrical and mechanical problems, potentially resulting in an accident should incidents occur while owners are behind the wheel.