Nanometals: Next generation corrosion resistance?

Developing new metals, modified on an atomic level, could be a corrosion-resistance breakthrough. But will these materials be permitted for use? Continue Reading →

Air Force recommissions corroded craft

Last month, the Air Force announced that it would continue to service its aging fleet of 283 A-10 Thunderbolt II jets despite past plans to decommission the planes. Continue Reading →

Russian probe faces corrosive journey to Mars

A research module launched by the European Space Agency and the Russian space corporation Roscosmos is expected to touch down on the surface of Mars sometime this week. Continue Reading →

Air Force addresses corrosive bacteria

In recent years, the U.S. Air Force has worked to modernize its infrastructure and combat equipment, including commissioned aircraft. However, some feisty, corrosion-causing microorganisms are slowing these efforts. Continue Reading →

Airline cancels flights due to plane engine corrosion

On Thursday, August 25, Japanese airliner All Nippon Airways was forced to cancel a number of flights after technicians discovered corrosion damage in the engines of all 50 of its Boeing 787 planes. Continue Reading →