Hawaii stadium in need of $30M to repair corrosion damage

Hawaii’s largest outdoor arena, Aloha Stadium, is seeking $30 million from state legislators to address several corrosion problems that have grown more severe over the past few years. Continue Reading →

Can essential oil extracts reduce carbon steel corrosion?

A new corrosion prevention measure based on essential oil extracts is under development, but how viable will it be as a long-term solution? Continue Reading →

How the biomass industry protects its assets from corrosion damage

Before biomass energy production can take hold of the global energy market, the corrosion-related risks of biofuel creation must be addressed. Continue Reading →

Corrosion of new steel pilings at Colman Dock caused by unknown bacteria

Building on or around bodies of water like Elliot Bay pose a significant challenge for engineers, as the salinity of brackish water has a natural corrosive effect on metal. Continue Reading →

Corrosion in U.S. wastewater networks growing more frequent

As wastewater networks in the U.S. continue to age, concerns about the overall integrity of the nation’s treatment plants and piping systems have grown more pressing. Continue Reading →

Report: Torrent of corrosion-infused cars for sale, caused by flooding

The use of corrosion test equipment may be in order to detect an extraordinary number of potentially compromised vehicles that have re-entered the used vehicle market. Continue Reading →

Rusty pipes tinting water in Western Massachusetts village

Massachusetts residents are awash in frustration after discovering that their drinking water isn’t color-free like it’s supposed to be, a symptom of corroding pipes. Continue Reading →