Aging utility industry infrastructure beset by corrosion problems

Many utility infrastructure components are 40 to 100 years old, which means a dramatic increase in repair and treatment costs is likely. Continue Reading →

Australian F-35A fighter jets at risk for corrosion problems

Australia’s F-35A fighter jets are susceptible to intergranular corrosion, which can cause stress cracking and tensile stress, according to a KPMG report. Continue Reading →

Federal records show Exxon oil rigs corroded before 2015 California oil spill

According to Federal records, offshore oil rigs operated by ExxonMobil were already in disrepair due to corrosion before the Refugio oil spill of 2015. Continue Reading →

Fighting corrosion with orthophosphate in older water mains

Pittsburgh is the latest urban area to add orthophosphate to its water supplies in an effort to fight water main corrosion and reduce the amount of lead that city residents are exposed to. Continue Reading →

Laser ablation offers new high-tech corrosion treatment

Zapping corrosion with lasers may seem like far-fetched science fiction, but it’s a new game-changing approach that’s rapidly gaining acceptance in the real world of technology. Continue Reading →

6 ways to fight pipeline corrosion

When dealing with corrosion in pipelines, there are a number of different factors to consider. In recent years, new technologies have been added to the tool kit. Continue Reading →

From autos to architecture, corrosion is being fought with powder

It seems like corrosion occurs everywhere – cars, buildings, boats, even the Statue of Liberty – and in many cases, the preferred solution is applying powder coatings. Continue Reading →

The long haul of solving corrosion in commercial trucking

Corrosion isn’t just a matter of ugly rust spots and blemishes, it also costs the trucking industry money in terms of maintenance and safety-related expenses. Here’s how the transportation industry is responding. Continue Reading →