Corrosion of two New Orleans vessels delays relaunch of ferry line

A dispute over the seaworthiness of two modern ferries has caused further delay to the relaunch of a ferry line in New Orleans, Louisiana. Continue Reading →

Corrosion-related fuel leak causes Audi recall

Earlier this month, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration issued two separate recalls for Audi vehicles. Continue Reading →

A public health emergency is now in place in Flint

Now, after results show that children under five have double or triple the amount of lead in their blood, Flint officials have declared the water supply to be a public health emergency.  Continue Reading →

Spectra Energy approved to build new major pipeline

Spectra Energy has been approved to build a new pipeline in northern Florida, despite concerns about the company’s safety record due to corrosion issues. Continue Reading →

Movement to rectify Superstorm Sandy’s corrosion damage

There is a new proposal to repair and expand the passenger rail that runs between New York City and New Jersey due to extensive corrosion damage and age. Continue Reading →