How the biomass industry protects its assets from corrosion damage

Before biomass energy production can take hold of the global energy market, the corrosion-related risks of biofuel creation must be addressed. Continue Reading →

Corrosion of new steel pilings at Colman Dock caused by unknown bacteria

Building on or around bodies of water like Elliot Bay pose a significant challenge for engineers, as the salinity of brackish water has a natural corrosive effect on metal. Continue Reading →

Corrosion of two New Orleans vessels delays relaunch of ferry line

A dispute over the seaworthiness of two modern ferries has caused further delay to the relaunch of a ferry line in New Orleans, Louisiana. Continue Reading →

Corrosion in U.S. wastewater networks growing more frequent

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How truckers are arming their big rigs to protect against corrosion

In an effort to avoid the potential pitfalls associated with the throes of winter, such as rust and corrosion, more motor carriers are investing in protective coatings. Continue Reading →

Report: Corrosion costs DoD over $21 billion per year

It isn’t just road warriors who feel the pinch when rust rears its ugly head. The same is true for the governmental organizations charged with keeping America safe: the Defense Department. Continue Reading →

Road salt shortages fueling interest in corrosion-free alternatives

Several communities are seeking a road salt substitute that will reduce slippery conditions without cars and trucks experiencing the ill effects of salt corrosion. Continue Reading →