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Automatics Brochure Combating corrosion is a priority for manufacturers in a variety of industries, as the stability and integrity of manufactured equipment is a critical demonstrator of quality. That is why it can be so valuable for these corporations to have dependable corrosion test equipment and plating machines on hand to ensure that products can hold up to the elements over time.

For decades, Auto Technology has delivered custom-built metal finishing equipment, corrosion test equipment and centrifugal dryers to businesses in the automotive, aviation, aerospace, defense and manufacturing industries. When businesses contact Auto Technology, we strive to determine the exact specifications, utility and requirements of the machine they need, and we then work to build and deliver equipment specifically made for them.

Our equipment can help manufacturers meet external and internal corrosion standards, providing a valuable resource in the effort to ensure high quality manufacturing practices and deliver top products. Contact Auto Technology today to learn more about our automated metal finishing equipment, which our clients have used to plate, coat or anodize metals for maximum corrosion resistance.

Metal finishing equipment from Auto Technology is built to endure

Our selection of automatic plating equipment includes programmable hoists and split-rail machines, providing options to ensure manufacturers receive the most suitable equipment for their needs. Our hoist offers a programmable control system with operator interface, and a Windows-based computer system maximizes its ease of use. The machine can process batch or random plating jobs and supports rack, barrel or printed circuit board processing.

Split-rail machines from Auto Technology are ideal for high-production fixed-cycle processing, powered by a non-hydraulic variable speed drive system. Our machines are praised for their durability, consistent operation and significant production capacity. Sturdy construction practices and heavy-duty materials ensure Auto Technology’s split-rail machines stand up to repetitive use and wear, providing reliable production for extended periods of time.

Benefit when buying your metal finishing equipment from Auto Technology

At Auto Technology, we are proud to offer durable, quality metal finishing equipment and corrosion test machines that stand the test of time and deliver at a high-rate for our customers. We aim for a high level of customer satisfaction from the first consultation to the final product delivery, which is why we look to simplify the purchasing and delivery process and focus on quality above all.

We offer a number of turnkey solutions to complement our metal finishing equipment, including project management, engineering design, auxiliary equipment and full installation. We can also follow up to provide startup assistance and training, ensuring that customers who buy from Auto Technology benefit from quality manufacturing practices and leading support.

Rely on Auto Technology for industry-leading corrosion test equipment

Metal finishing equipment is just one of the products Auto Technology can provide to manufacturing clients nationwide. We also offer the industry’s best salt fog corrosion testing equipment, building salt spray chambers and cabinets as well as environmental test chambers for businesses that need to perform accelerated corrosion testing.

Our sophisticated centrifugal dryers allow businesses in nearly any industry the ability to remove moisture and liquid from any item. In addition, Auto Technology is a top provider of outsourced testing and equipment, providing a cost-effective alternative to manufacturers that need to perform accelerated testing but lack the capital for an investment in a machine of their own.

At Auto Technology, we strive to emphasize quality in our products and services. This commitment ensures our clients are able to keep their own promises of quality to customers and stakeholders.