Why Buy an Auto Technology Salt-Fog chamber?

What makes an Auto Technology Salt-Fog chamber the superior choice?

Why should you purchase one salt-fog chamber over another? What makes an Auto Technology salt fog test chamber superior to the others? Below is a list of some of the features our cabinet includes. See for yourself if the competition can meet our features, quality and service.

Standard features included in base price AutoTech Brand-S
ATO-Fill System for longer unattended testing Yes No
Adjustable cone for fog dispersion control Yes No
Translucent PVC cover with welded seams (seams are welded not glued thus giving a stronger bond) Yes No
Sheet PVC liner with welded seams for uniform thickness, easy to clean and increased protection Yes No
Over 50 years of experience in corrosion cabinets Yes No
In line filter cartridge for filtering salt solution Yes No
Pneumatic cover lifters on 100 cu. ft. and above Yes Yes
Manufactured in the U.S.A. Yes Yes
Wet & Dry bulb temperature display as standard Yes ?
Low water cut off protection on the bubble tower heater(Not an add on package, is built into heater) Yes No
Pressure gauge is accurate to within 1% of span and can be re-calibrated Yes No
Knowledgeable Sales and Technical Support team Yes No
800 number for technical help and parts orders Yes No


The above listed features are all standard on an Auto Technology corrosion test chamber and are included in the base price of the chamber at no extra cost.

When you buy an Auto Technology test chamber the safety features are built in and are not listed as an add on option. In addition, our salt fog chambers are equipped to do Condensing humidity, CASS and many other tests without any conversions or addons.

When you add it all up, Auto Technology is the best and most cost effective choice. When Quality and cost are important, choose Auto Technology.

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