Programmable Hoists

DC Series Programmable Hoist

The DC drive package eliminates costly maintenance intensive components commonly found in electromechanical designs without sacrificing high performance.


  • Economical
  • Efficient operation
  • Low maintenance
  • User-friendly
  • Maximum productivity
  • Easy installation
  • Dependable
Download Brochure

Download Brochure


  • Competitively priced
  • Reduced components over AC-drive
  • Reduced power consumption over adjustable frequency AC-drives
  • No inverter circuitry
  • Chain lift mechanism eliminates cables which can break from wear
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Dynamic braking and holding brake virtually eliminate brake/clutch maintenance Microelectronic controls for single or multiple hoist controls
  • Ramped acceleration and deceleration provides maximum speed between stations while minimizing ”rack swing”
  • Programmable vertical speed minimizes stability time
  • Knock down, “erector set” design
  • Two-year warranty on DC-drive motor

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