Equipment Service

Auto Technology offers complete service with our own factory certified technicians as well as Preventative Maintenance and Calibration service for your testing equipment. We have a Preventive Maintenance Kit to minimize downtime and maximize your testing abilities. We can also provide A2LA accredited Calibration on all major brands of Salt Corrosion Chambers.

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A2LA Accredited Proficiency Testing

e also have one of the largest and well equipped A2LA accredited environmental test labs focused on corrosion, spray and immersion testing. This history and experience allow us to offer a highly technical and competent proficiency testing programs.

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Corrosion Education Classes

Coating Services

Auto Technology is pleased to offer an automotive Research and Development Zinc Phosphate Pre-Treatment and E-Coating service. We are able to accommodate custom requests, studies, or trials on industry standard test coupons for R&D purposes.