Multipurpose Salt Fog Test Equipment

Designed to meet ASTM, SAE, and most all other automotive test for accelerated corrosion testing such as ASTM B117, D1735, B368, Mil-Std-883, Method 1009.5, B368 (CASS), Mil Std 810D, Method 509.2, and more. With the optional cycling control package, the MPF will also meet standard specs like such as ASTM G85 Modified Salt Spray (fog) Testing Annex A5 Dilute Electrolyte Cyclic Salt Spray (fog) Testing (Prohesion TM).


Auto Technology Company
  • A “show piece” for any lab.

  • Non Corrosive FIBERGLASS construction.

  • 35 gallon solution holding tank.

  • Four sizes: 20, 30, 40 & 90 cubic feet.

  • Transparent cover for easy sample viewing.

  • Low profile design for ease of chamber loading.

  • Instinctive controls for ease of operation.

  • Front access to all chamber components.

  • 800 number for customer service and support.

Base Cabinet

All Plastic construction. This chamber is manufactured of fiberglass using the most advanced techniques available to ensure longevity and strength. The plastic construction of this unit protects the chamber from the corrosive solutions used, in addition to providing a naturally insulated exposure zone for consistent and repetitive testing. The chamber lid is manufactured from transparent polymer based material to allow viewing of the ongoing testing while keeping the corrosive fog in the chamber. The chamber is heated by electric heaters located below the exposure zone under a diffuser plate.

Microprocessor Based Controller (MBC)

The controller for the MPF Series Chambers is a set of microprocessor based temperature controllers. They provide the chamber with simple and accurate operation. An optional cyclic control feature provides the flexibility of a simple cyclic chamber with the ease of use that Auto Technology Company customers have grown accustom to.

Unifog Dispersion Tower

(U.S. Patent Re-25932) Complete with adjustable cone for uniform collection rates, salt fog atomizer nozzle, internal reservoir with cover, pick-up tube and filter assembly. (number dependent on chamber size) For condensing humidity applications, the atomizer nozzle dispenses DI water mist rather than salt.

ATO-Fill System

(New and improved solution feed system) Complete with bubble tower automatic feed system for direct DI water feed into the bubble tower from customer supplied plant DI water. Also includes the Auto Technology Company 35-gallon mixing and storage tank that feeds directly into the internal chamber reservoir for longer unattended testing time. The MPF Chamber is designed to meet most automotive specifications for accelerated corrosion testing including salt fog, humidity, acetic acid, CASS and simple cyclic tests such as ASTM G85 Annex 5.

Auto Technology Company
Auto Technology Company
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