Effects of corrosion force commercial truck recall

Motor carriers are experiencing a bit of a setback upon word that one of the nation’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers is recalling trucks due to a safety hazard worsened by corrosion. Continue Reading →

Rusty pipes tinting water in Western Massachusetts village

Massachusetts residents are awash in frustration after discovering that their drinking water isn’t color-free like it’s supposed to be, a symptom of corroding pipes. Continue Reading →

Age, corrosion causing rash of mail truck fires

The U.S. Postal Service’s aging fleet of vehicles has led to a number of engine fires – and the cause of these dangerous flare-ups may be partly due to corrosion. Continue Reading →

Cars continue to age well, report shows

Thanks in part to the development and implementation of corrosion-resistant technologies, cars are maintaining their value for lengthier stretches, and staying on the road longer to boot.  Continue Reading →