Laser ablation offers new high-tech corrosion treatment

Zapping corrosion with lasers may seem like far-fetched science fiction, but it’s a new game-changing approach that’s rapidly gaining acceptance in the real world of technology. Continue Reading →

6 ways to fight pipeline corrosion

When dealing with corrosion in pipelines, there are a number of different factors to consider. In recent years, new technologies have been added to the tool kit. Continue Reading →

From autos to architecture, corrosion is being fought with powder

It seems like corrosion occurs everywhere – cars, buildings, boats, even the Statue of Liberty – and in many cases, the preferred solution is applying powder coatings. Continue Reading →

The long haul of solving corrosion in commercial trucking

Corrosion isn’t just a matter of ugly rust spots and blemishes, it also costs the trucking industry money in terms of maintenance and safety-related expenses. Here’s how the transportation industry is responding. Continue Reading →

News roundup: Corrosion battles continue on global scale in wastewater field

This news roundup includes market forecast for corrosion and scale inhibitors, planned wastewater pipeline repairs in Casper, Wyoming and a thermal mass flow meter that resists corrosion.  Continue Reading →

Self-healing coatings are newest solution for corrosion control

A self-healing coating strategy developed by Northwestern University researchers may be the latest weapon in the ongoing fight against metal corrosion. Continue Reading →

Hawaii stadium in need of $30M to repair corrosion damage

Hawaii’s largest outdoor arena, Aloha Stadium, is seeking $30 million from state legislators to address several corrosion problems that have grown more severe over the past few years. Continue Reading →

Can essential oil extracts reduce carbon steel corrosion?

A new corrosion prevention measure based on essential oil extracts is under development, but how viable will it be as a long-term solution? Continue Reading →