Cyclic Salt Chamber Options

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Cyclic Salt Chamber

Controlled Humidity Option (For PC controls ONLY)

The purpose of this option is to provide Controlled humidity and expand the testing capabilities for the CCT-NC. This option is often used when tests such as the SAE J2334 require a controlled RH condition in the test profile. With this option the chamber can control percent RH from 30 – 95% (+/- 5%) as limited by a 22oC dew point and current laboratory conditions. Additionally, the equipment is equipped with a Solid State Humidity Sensor to report back to the controller the exposure zones’ current humidity percentage. NOT ALL TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY COMBINATIONS ARE ATTAINABLE! (Check with factory for details)

Solution Spray Option – Deluxe

This option provides the CCT-NC with the capability of producing a spray onto the samples from a series of spray nozzles. A solution pump connected to the 60-gallon reservoir moves solution to a spray header inside the exposure zone of the chamber and delivers solution to the spray nozzles. The spray header is located at the top perimeter of the exposure zone and includes 8 to 12 nozzles depending on the size of the chamber. Each nozzle can be independently directed to a location requiring a spray. In addition, each nozzle has a shut off valve giving the user the ability to turn off nozzles not required for that spray application due to changing chamber loading. This shut off feature will extend the life of the solution in the 60-gallon reservoir allowing an increased number or time of spray applications between tank fills. This option is necessary when a solution spray is required rather than a solution fog or atomization. his option is commonly used in the 9540P specification.

Solution Spray Option – S-Style with 2 nozzles

This is a much simpler (S-Style) version of the above described deluxe solution spray option. It works in basically the same way as the deluxe version with two major exceptions. (1) There are only two spray nozzles located in a fixed position over the sample exposure zone. (2) These two nozzles do not have independent shut off valves. This system also utilizes a smaller pump system to feed these nozzles.

Wet Bottom Relative Humidity

This system is ONLY available with the Computer Controls There are three major ways of creating humidity in environmental chambers. (1) Atomization of water, (2) Steam Generator, and (3) Wet Bottom, or a heated bath of water. With this option, the Wet Bottom humidity is created by flooding the bottom of the CCT-NC chamber with water over the chamber heaters and then, energizing the heaters. A 100% humidity condition is then created in the exposure zone. This is an important method of humidity generation for certain test specifications such as SAE J2334. The best correlation to outside exposure for the SAE J2334 was accomplished using this wet bottom humidity as compared to fogging or steam generation. Note there is NO fogging occurring during this condition.

Immersion – Automated

This system is ONLY available with the Computer Controls This option provides the CCT-NC with the ability to automatically immerse the samples in the exposure zone. This option includes the following:

  • Immersion solution holding tank on a stand to match the style and color of the CCT-NC chamber. NC-40 or 90 chambers use a non-matching holding tank.
  • Cover system for the Immersion solution holding tank
  • Pumps to move the solution between the CCT-NC exposure zone and the immersion solution holding tank
  • Motorized valve to direct the flow of the solution
  • Agitation system for mixing the immersion solution
  • Solution heating system for heating the immersion solution
  • Level switches to monitor the solution levels and locations

As indicated above, this system can be used to mix and heat the immersion solution. All programming and controls needed to activate this system are included in the Computer (PC) controls package. With immersion, voltage selection must be 3

Immersion Capabilities Set-Up

This system is ONLY available with the Premium Controls The purpose of this option is to make the CCT-NC chamber ready to accept a field installed immersion package. This would be useful to customers who can not add the immersion package to the chamber with the original chamber order, but would like the ability to add the immersion package in the field at a later date. This option includes:

  • An electrical panel that is set-up to connect to an immersion panel in the field.
  • All necessary programming will be loaded into the chambers controller.
  • Chamber exposure zone and stand will be modified to hold the volume of immersion solution and the weight of the solution.
  • Chamber exposure zone will be modified to accommodate the solution level switch with this puncture point being sealed until use.
UL Approval

With this option Auto Technology makes the necessary wiring and component adjustments to exceed UL approval requirements for this class of equipment. After the chamber is built and tested, a UL inspector visits the Auto Technology facility and inspects the chamber. After the inspection is complete, and the chamber has qualified, the UL inspector affixes the UL label to the equipment, and the equipment is shipped.

Canadian Wiring Package (CSA)

With this option Auto Technology makes the necessary wiring adjustments to exceed the CSA approval requirements for this class of equipment. NO CSA inspection is done at the Auto Technology facility. The equipment is shipped to the customer and it is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to have the equipment inspected for CSA approval.

480 volt 3 phase wiring package

With this option Auto Technology makes the necessary wiring adjustments to exceed the CSA approval requirements for this class of equipment. NO CSA inspection is done at the Auto Technology facility. The equipment is shipped to the customer and it is the CUSTOMER’S responsibility to have the equipment inspected for CSA approval.

NOTE: The 480 volt 3 phase wiring package (711XXX) cannot be used in conjunction with the CE Label (700320) option but CAN be coupled with the other wiring codes.

Air Actuated Cover Lifters Option

With this option, the CCT-NC chamber will be equipped to create a “TRUE” lab ambient condition. True ambient, by the fact that the cover opens automatically and exposes the test specimens to actual laboratory conditions. Once time has elapsed, the cover automatically closes, and the test profile continues. In addition, the operator can open and close the cover at any desired time by use of the manual section of the operator interface.

Power Vent Installation Kit Option

In some laboratories where the length of vent stack from the CCT-NC is more than 10’ or where there is back-pressure into the laboratory it may be necessary to use a power vent kit. This kit includes a venturi style air pump in the provided PVC piping driven by a 100-CFM fan. With the help of the venturi, the fan draws fog from the exposure zone and sends it up and out of the customer installed vent piping.

NOTE: This system is not always effective in laboratories that have changing pressures in the location of the CCT-NC or where vent runs are of long lengths over 15’. Auto Technology suggested that the user employ the services of a professional if these conditions are not resolved with the power vent installation kit.

Oil & Water Extractor Kit Option

It is imperative that the CCT-NC chamber has a constant supply of clean dry air. In particular, if the air has oil in it, it can cause much damage to the chamber components. This damage often manifests itself in the form of clogged atomizer nozzles, malfunctioning float switches, low collection rates, and contaminated tubing just to name a few. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the air supply is clean and dry. To help with this, Auto Technology offers an Oil & Water Extractor Kit that must be field installed by the customer on the customer’s incoming air supply that has proven to clean many problem air systems. This is not a guarantee to correct all systems. If oil and contaminants are still a problem after the installation of this system, the customer will have to take additional action.

SO2 Adder Package Option

This option automatically solenoid ON allowing compressed air to activate the SO2 valve. SO2 then travels through the valve, up and through the flow meter (user settable) and into the chamber via the ported dispersion tower cone.

This option is required to meet certain standards such as ASTM G85 Annex 4.

Automatic Retracting Probe Option

This option is only available when the CCT-NC chamber has computer controls and the controlled RH option. The solid state humidity sensor included with the controlled RH option will deteriorate over time during corrosion testing due to the corrosive environments the chamber creates. This automatic retraction system will substantially reduce this deterioration by removing the probe from the exposure zone during salt fog and high humidity cycles. When the probe is retracted, a drying system keeps the probe dry. Without this option, RH readings will become less reliable over time, and may need to be calibrated on a monthly basis as well as be replaced every 6 months in order to ensure accurate readings.

Automated solution tank fill

This system is ONLY available with the PC Controls The purpose of this option is to provide automated unattended filling of the 60-gallon solution tank with DI water. With this option, the user can simply actuate a tank fill button on the PC controls and walk away. A DI water solenoid will open, and start filling the 60-gallon solution tank. A float switch located at the top of the tank will sense when the tank is full and turn of the water solenoid leaving the reservoir full of water. The DI water solenoid will not reopen until the user physically actuates the tank fill button on the PC again.

Mixing Tank Option

This option provides an automated agitation system in the 60-gallon solution tank. This agitation system is operated by the chamber controller in a manual mode once initiated by the user. This agitation will dissolve the salt in the water to make a saline solution. After the built-in timer has elapsed in time, this agitation system will turn off until it is initiated again by the user.

Mixing Tank volume marker and overflow protection tube

Two features are included with this one option. Located in the chamber’s 60-gallon solution tank this tube is plumbed by the customer to an open drain. This will prevent the solution tank from overflowing with DI water while being filled. If an overflow condition begins to develop, the DI water flows down the tube and to the drain. Additionally, this overflow tube has indicator markings to indicate the solution level in the 60-gallon tank in both liters and gallons.

Wet Bottom Drain Assembly

The purpose of the Wet Bottom Drain Assembly is to allow the bottom of the cabinet to fill with deionized water to a level just above the rod heater. This water is heated, creating a moist, even heat throughout the exposure zone, which helps maintain uniform condensation to allow accurate collection rates. Further, it allows the water to drain prior to dry cycles.

External Condensate Collection Package

This option provides the user of the CCT-NC with a way to check condensate collected during salt fog and humidity cycles without opening the chamber cover and interrupting the test in progress. This system includes a funnel holding bracket for each funnel with tubing running to the outside front of the chamber. These lines are located in the front of the chamber just behind the front access panels. The lines terminate with ball valves, and empty into collection devices placed behind the front access panel.

Fiberglass Support Angles Option

Fiberglass support angle. For suspending samples or support larger samples. These support angles are the proper length to span the distance at the middle of the chamber exposure zone.

Slotted Support Bars

The purpose of these bars is to hold 3” x 6” or 4” x 12” test panels. These bars are fabricated of 3″ wide x 1-1/2″ thick polypropylene. Slots are standard .070 saw cuts on a 15-degree angle from vertical on 1-1/2″ centers. These support bars are the proper lengths to span the distance at the middle of the chamber exposure zone.

Fiberglass Support Rods

Fiberglass supports Rods are used for suspending samples or support larger samples. These support Rods are the proper length to span the distance at the TOP of the chamber exposure zone.

Slotted Support Rack

For holding test panels. Fiberglass rack 8-1/2” wide, 23” long. Holds 2 rows of panels with 20 slots in each row with slots on 1” centers. Slots are on a 15-degree angle from vertical. This rack will hold a total of 40 panels. These should be used in conjunction with the above listed fiberglass support angles.

Heavy Duty Sample Support Shelves

This heavy-duty sample support system is manufactured of durable, corrosion-resistant, fiberglass composite. This material is lightweight, nonconductive, nonmagnetic and rustproof. This pultruded composite provides superior strength and has a higher load capacity than molded materials. These support “shelves” provide sample support while allowing for heat and fog transfer in the chamber. The purpose of these support shelves is to provide the customer with a way to set samples into the chamber as they would on a shop bench or storage shelf. Each support “plate” can support 165 pounds (75 kilo) of weight. Each CCT machine can accommodate 2 or 3 of these plates depending on the size of the machine. These “shelves” are sized to fit the chamber at the mid-level. Mid – Level support shelf

pH Meter

This is a digital pH meter complete with pH probe unit, 4 oz. polyethylene bottles of 4 and 7 pH buffer solution, adjusting screw driver and plastic carrying case. Used to check the mixed solution and collected condensate in the chamber.

Start-Up Kit

Consists of one 50-pound bag of salt, two (4) funnels and graduates, one (1) specific gravity hydrometer and one (1) salimeter hydrometer. Meets ASTM B117.

Spare Parts Maintenance Kit (one year)

Consisting of filters, fittings, and tubing for necessary routine maintenance to be performed in the first year of operation.

60 Gallon Mixing Tank on Stand

This is an extra tank that matches the one already provided with the chamber. This option is useful when the customer desires longer unattended testing between solutions fills or would like to mix and adjust a batch of solution prior to transferring it into the chamber’s main 60-gallon solution tank. This system includes an air agitation system and a manually operated (air driven) solution transfer pump. In addition, fittings are included to allow the user to operate this tank in series with the original tank for the longer unattended testing. This tank is mounted on a stand with caster and leveling bolts.

Certificate of Calibration (traceable to N.I.S.T.)

Each CCT-NC chamber is fully tested at the factory. Calibration of the temperature sensing devices, pressure-sensing devices, humidity sensing devices and the controller are all checked and adjusted by Auto Technology if needed. This option provides the actual Certificate of Calibration paperwork traceable to a N.I.S.T. standard created by Auto Technology for a particular machine. This option must be ordered with the original equipment purchase to receive the price quoted. If it is purchased at a later date, the purchase cost will increase and a quote will need to be prepared based on the timing of the purchase and location of the equipment.

Training Class on Cyclic Chamber Operations at Auto Technology facility

This is a hands on class designed to teach the participants how to install, operate and maintain the CCT-NC. If participants are interested, minor annual maintenance procedures can be performed on the machine for practice and training. Almost the entire class is conducted on the shop floor with a fully function chamber. This class is conducted at the Auto Technology facility in Strongsville, Ohio. Classes are scheduled on a mutually beneficial date for both Auto Technology and customer personnel. Up to eight participants from a single company are permitted to attend for one flat fee.

Training Class on Cyclic Chamber Operations at customer facility

This is the same class as described above except that it takes place at the customer’s facility. The training is conducted on a machine the customer has installed and running. Another major difference with this option is that the Auto Technology personnel will check the installation of the chamber to ensure that it is correct. Classes are scheduled on a mutually beneficial date for both Auto Technology and customer personnel. Cost will vary depending on travel time and travel expenses.