Testing Specifications

Below is a Partial list of Cyclic Cycles we have met

Please consult with our Sales Rep to discuss your needs.

Test Method

American ASTM B117 (Salt Fog Test)
ASTM D1735(Water Fog)
ASTM D5894 (Cyclic  Wet-Dry)
ASTM G85 (Annex 1) (formerly G43)(Acetic Acid)
ASTM G85 (Annex 2)
ASTM G85 (Annex 3)
ASTM G85 (Annex 5 ) (Cyclic  Wet-Dry)
Chrysler LP461H-77
Chrysler LP463PH-9-01 (Condensing Humidity)
Fed. Test Method 141 – M6061
Fed. Test Method 406 – M6071
Fed. Test Method 791 – M4001.1
Fed. Test Method 1516
Ford Motor BI-103-01
Ford Motor BI-105-01
Ford Motor BQ5-1 (CASS)
Ford Motor BT2-1
General Motors 4298-P
General Motors 4465-P (Condensing Humidity)
General Motors 4466-P (Acetic Acid)
General Motors 9540-P (Cyclic)
Mil Std. 202F Method 101D
Mil Std. 810E Method 509
Mil Std. 883C Method 1009
Mil Std 1344A Method 1000
British BS 2011 P2.1
BS 3900, F4(formerly DEF 1053 M24)
BS 3900, F9(formerly DEF 1053 M36)
BS AU148 P2
BS 5466 P1,2 &3
BS 7479
BS 7479 (AASS)
BS 7479 (CASS)
DEF 0755 (formerly DEF 133)
French CCT U0101 A
NFX 41-002
German DIN 50907
DIN 50021 (SS)
DIN 50021 (ASS)
DIN 50021 (CASS)
DIN 50017
DIN 40.046
VG 95210
VG 95332
Japanese JASO M609
JIS Z 2371
ISO ISO 7253
ISO 9227 (formerly ISO 3768)
ISO 9227 (AASS)(formerly ISO 3769)
ISO 9227 (ASS) (formerly ISO 3770)
ISO 9227 (CASS)
Cyclic General Motors GM9540P/B
Automotive Nissan CCT I
Nissan CCT II
Nissan CCT III (Immersion Test)
Nissan CCT IV
Mazda MCT-1M
Mazda MCT-2M
SAE J1563
SAE J2334
Miscellaneous Tests Synthetic Sweat
Simulated Acid Rain (SART)
Japan Acid Rain CCT