Why Buy an Auto Technology CCT Chamber

Why buy an Auto Technology Cyclic Chamber?

When considering a cyclic corrosion test chamber, it is important that the prospective buyer know all the facts. We hope that the information contained in this document helps you to make an informed decision.

If after studying this information you have any questions, please feel free to call the experts at Auto Technology at 1-800-433-8336.

Who are you dealing with?

Company History It is important to know who you are dealing with!

The Harshaw name has been associated with corrosion for over 50 years. Auto Technology (once called Harshaw) has been building cyclic corrosion test chambers for over 20 years. Auto Technology is the world’s largest manufacturer of salt corrosion chambers and can be found in every major automobile manufacturer in the North America. Our units are considered the standard of testing. In fact, SAE J2334, the new standard for advanced automotive testing, was proved in Auto Technology cabinets.

The Auto Technology Company product manager for the corrosion chamber product line is the chairman for the ASTM B117 test in addition to SAE ACAP (automotive corrosion and preventions). He has been an active member of these and other standards writing committees for over 16 years.

How do you Control Your Chamber?

Controllers Controlling your chamber offers you flexibility and the ability to grow with the ever changing world of more complex testing procedures.

Auto Technology uses a computer for control and data acquisition providing ease of operation & expandability. Our PC program allows the user to select from a series of pre programmed industry standard tests as well as the ability to customize almost every aspect of the chamber’s functioning even including the test name. This program not only allows control of these functions, it provides detailed breakdown of information in a table and graphic form that allows the user to know exactly what was happening during all phases of the test. This allows the user to troubleshoot and diagnose any problems.

As an cost saving option we offer a state of the art PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) accessed from a touchscreen to control this chamber. Both systems are name brands that are off-the-shelf, thus offering worldwide support and ease of service, replacement and upgrade. The user does not have to come to Auto Technology for service, repair or replacement. Using a controller that is proprietary can be very expensive to repair and the user is locked into going to one place for service.

Size Does Matter!

Size & Space Be careful when comparing units. Auto Technology always refers to actual testing capacity of their chambers. Our competitors often list the entire chamber volume as their “size” Unfortunately, sometimes over 50% of the exaggerated capacity cannot be utilized because of specification requirements.

Auto Technology testing space is shown in Liters, Cubic feet, and in dimensional measurements. This is the actual testing space only. It does not include unusable space such as an area under a false floor, or the area in the cover that should not be used for testing specimens.

Heating the chamber.

Heaters Technology has advanced from the standard mat heaters of 20 years ago! These old style heaters can increase overall maintenance cost and downtime.

Auto Technology uses a titanium rod heater. Since its inception in 1998, not one has failed. Both the design and orientation protects the heaters from any sort of salt or solution build-up that might cause the heater to prematurely fail.

Not All Spray systems are created equal.

Direct Impengement Spray Systems Getting your products wet may not be as easy as you think!

The nozzle arrangement for spraying of panels for GM9540P and SAE J2334 is important. We recommend, and have incorporated into our design, a nozzle arrangement that permits the user to adjust the timing, pattern and quantity of nozzles, and most importantly, our design places the nozzles ABOVE the test panels and entirely around the testing area for the most complete spray coverage. Proper placement of the nozzles means you need less solution and a shorter time span to accomplish the wetting. In addition, if the customer desires to add to the nozzle arrangement to increase the spray coverage, this could easily be accomplished. The spray heads are on a flexible adjustable gooseneck to easily and more accurately direct spray placement. Many of our competitors use only 2 or 3 spray nozzles for an entire chamber or have them improperly positioned so they are out of specification.

Our Cyclic Test chambers have a lifespan of 15-20 years-Who will be there to take care of you?

Sales, Service and Support Your chamber purchase is an investment in the future of testing for your company. With an average service life of 15 years of in field use, your unit and your company needs to be able to rely on a company with a history of quality sales and service.

Auto Technology’s chambers are manufactured in the US at our facility in Strongsville, Ohio. We have our own A2LA certified technicians to service your chamber. We have been considered the technological leader in corrosion chamber manufacturing for over 50 years. We stock all parts at our facility and you can contact us via phone, fax, or the internet for technical support.