Cyclic Corrosion

Cyclic Salt Chamber

Cyclic Salt Chamber

Corrosion testing helps manufacturers ensure that their products and the materials in which they are coated can stand up to repeated environmental wear and exposure. By committing to high standards of quality and evaluating the corrosiveness of their products with advanced equipment, these businesses are in a better position to meet critical federal and industry standards and meet customers’ expectations.

That is why an increasing number of manufacturers – particularly those within the automobile industry – have turned to cyclic corrosion testing as a way to verify the integrity of certain materials and items. In recent years, cyclic corrosion has become one of the most widely accepted and sought-after methods of corrosion testing, however the process requires sophisticated equipment and significant expertise.

Auto Technology Company offers these benefits and more, delivering our clients industry-leading cyclic corrosion test chambers that can form the cornerstone of their in-house corrosion testing processes. In addition, the Auto Technology Company environmental test lab is available to clients that wish to outsource cyclic corrosion testing to a trusted provider. Our experts are on hand to test items in a cyclic corrosion environment that conforms to industry standards.

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Cyclic Salt Chamber screenCyclic corrosion testing leverages a chamber’s ability to produce multiple environments in an automated process. This helps manufacturers simulate a wide range of conditions, enabling these professionals to evaluate the durability samples in nearly any environment.

Only the most advanced equipment – handled by the most skilled technicians – can empower business’ ability to test samples within a cyclic corrosion environment. At Auto Technology Company, our environmental testing lab enjoys these benefits and more, making it the leading laboratory in the world for cyclic corrosion testing.

Our technicians can perform cyclic corrosion testing in a variety of conditions, including temperatures as low -20 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit) and as high as 90 degrees Celsius (194 degrees Fahrenheit). Our corrosion chambers allow for controlled humidity conditions, and can be tested with salt fog spray, direct impingement spray and immersion measures, with various corrosive mixtures applied.

Cyclic Salt Chamber corrosionAuto Technology Company can perform cyclic corrosion testing under a number of standards

The Auto Technology Company environmental testing laboratory can also perform cyclic corrosion testing in a wide range of relative humidities – between 10 percent and 90 percent. Our testing can meet the specifications of a number of standards.

  • Chrysler LP-463PB-22-01
  • Delphi DX900115
  • Ford CETP 00.00-L-467
  • Ford FLTM BI 123-01
  • Ford FLTM BI 123-02
  • Ford FLTM BI 123-03
  • GM 9505P Cycles A-O
  • GM 9511P
  • GM 9540P
  • GM 9619P
  • GMW 14872
  • GMW3172
  • Honda 5100Z-SG0-A000
  • Honda HES D2003
  • Honda HES D6001-04A
  • Honda HES D6602 D8N
  • Hyundai MS 600-66
  • ASO M609
  • Mazda MCT-1M
  • Mazda MCT-2M
  • Nissan CCT-I – NES M0158
  • Nissan CCT-IV – NES M0158
  • Nissan CCT-V – NES M0158
  • Renault ECC1 D172028
  • SAE J2334
  • Toyota TS C5209G
  • Toyota TS K6532G
  • Toyota TSH 1555G
  • Volvo VCS 1027-14
  • Volvo VCS 1027-149
  • Volvo VDA 62

Auto Technology Company is a resource for corrosion testing and outsourced services

The Auto Technology Company environmental testing laboratory is available to businesses that prefer to outsource corrosion testing to an experienced service provider, however Auto Technology Company is also the top manufacturer of this equipment.

As a result, we can consult and design testing equipment that meets the desired specifications of each individual client. Contact Auto Technology Company today to learn more about our humidity testing and temperature testing services, metal finishing equipment and standard salt fog corrosion equipment.