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C260570 – REGULATOR AND FILTER, AIR, WATTS –     The purpose of the air agitation regulator and gauge is to provide a means of air control.    This air regulator is equipped with a filter.  This filter must be changed at least once a year, or earlier if needed.  The part number for this filter is C260585.    During the installation process, customer supplied clean and dry compressed air must be connected to this assembly.   The black top knob of this assembly can then be “lifted” to hear a “click”.  Now the regulator can be used to adjust the volume and pressure of air being fed to the air agitation assembly.  Turn the knob clockwise to increase the air pressure, and counterclockwise to decrease the air pressure.  The pressure of the air to the assembly can be read and noted on the air pressure gauge.  Once the pressure is set to the desired level, the black knob can be pushed down to lock the setting in place.    Works with all Harshaw, Engelhard, Atotech USA, Atlas and Auto Technology Company fog and cyclic corrosion test chambers.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in