Equipment Service & Repair

Calibration Cert # 2563.01

Auto Technology Company offers complete service with our own factory certified technicians. We offer annual Preventative Maintenance and Calibration service for all your testing equipment as well as repair of any specific problem or need.

Utilizing our annual system you can minimize downtime and maximize your testing abilities.

Auto Technology Company provides A2LA accredited Calibration on all major brands of Salt Corrosion Chambers.

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Preventive Maintenance Kit

At Auto Technology Company we are committed to our customers not only at the initial sale but to increasing the life and limiting downtime of that unit. We have designed a Preventive Maintenance program and provide Certified Calibration services to help you meet your test requirements and recording requirements.

All Auto Technology Company’s services are performed by factory certified technicians who are factory trained to provide the highest level of service in the industry.

We recommend an Annual PM and Calibration to properly maintain your unit. The PM involves removal and replacement of all components that could fail with in a year. This includes filters, float switches, o rings, etc. This process usually takes one day and normally eliminates the need for further service calls.