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712296 – HEATER KIT NC110 240V 6KW, 712295-T



712296 – HEATER KIT NC110 240V 6KW, 712295-T – Works with all Atotech USA, Atlas and Auto Technology Company cyclic corrosion test chambers (CCT). PURPOSE: The purpose of the cabinet heater is to control the temperature in the exposure chamber from ambient to 71ºC. LOCATION: The heaters located inside of the cabinet under the diffuser plates. The heater/s are found in the bottom of the exposure chamber under the diffuser plates. The heater element fits inside the welded support. Cabinet size and voltage determine the heater size and wattage. This kit includes three heaters and the cordgrips that go with them, as you must replace all three heaters together. FUNCTION: When heat is required during a cycle, the cabinet SSR1 is energized to send power to the heater. All heaters are single phase. When changing a heater, always replace the fittings that hold the heaters in the chamber wall. A quantity of two (2) fittings are required, PN E000225 Caution! These heaters are very hot with a temperature exceeding 1500ºF. Never allow anything to come in contact with a heater until completely cooled. Note: please contact Auto Technology if your heaters were installed before April 1, 2001. Additionally, if you have not purchased heaters since July 2018, you may need heater supports, PN 712550-01. Please contact Auto Technology with questions. ** Please note that there was a change in heater design, effective July 2018. This change requires that new heater supports are purchased to install new heaters in your chamber. Please contact our sales department at 440-572-7800 or [email protected] for a quote to convert your chamber supports to the new heater design, if this is your first time purchasing heaters since the design change. Once you’ve upgraded your heater supports, you can then purchase only the heaters and cord grips going forward. Thanks! ** SHIPPING : The “Local Pick-up” option will be selected for this item during checkout, as the system cannot estimate shipping costs for this item. This can ship collect via the small package carrier of your choice, or we can ship the product prepaid and add the shipping costs to the invoice before we charge the order. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide estimates before the product ships. Please specify your preference in the notes section upon checkout, as we cannot process the order without these instructions. Please note that if you order other items, such as fittings, in addition to this heater, a shipping cost will show at checkout for any other items. This estimate will NOT include any costs associated with shipping this heater. Thank you for your cooperation. **This part is made-to-order and cannot be returned. Please make sure this is the part number you need before you order. Please feel free to contact sales at (440)572-7800 if you need assistance. Thanks! **

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Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 26 × 5 in