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720450-01 – RH HUMDITY SENSOR, SERIES 100 – Works with all Atotech USA, Atlas and Auto Technology Company cyclic corrosion test chambers (CCT).    This Product has Replaced Part Number 720450 from November 2010 and after.    PURPOSE:  The purpose of the solid state humidity sensor is to read the current relative humidity in the exposure  zone and report it to the cabinet controller.  LOCATION:  This solid state relative humidity sensor is located inside of the cabinet along the inside front wall.  Opening the cabinet cover  can expose it. When opened,  the solid state relative  humidity sensor will be  found in the center of the  front wall.    FUNCTION:  The solid state relative humidity sensor continuously reports the current relative humidity to the cabinet  controller. The signal being sent from the sensor board is a 4-20mA signal. A 4mA signal equals a 0 %  RH reading. A 20mA signal equals a 100% RH reading. This sensor board is attached to wire numbers  AI1 and 28 on the computer control board.  These assemblies are calibrated as a unit, with the length of wire being an important part of the  calibration. When replacing the tip, a thin-film dielectric sensor, please state the model # as printed on  the body. Always re-calibrate after replacing this tip. There is no part number for the circuit board  because the board, wire, tip and porous filter cap are installed as a unit. Separating or cutting the sensor  wire from the sensor board voids the warranty for the entire assembly and causes it to be in need of  replacement.  Remove the protective cover for controlled RH cycles; replace cover when performing other cycles.    NOTE: This sensor is a part of the Controlled Humidity option PN 700140 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in